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Dal 23 al 31 marzo gli atleti, muniti di pettorale, unitamente ad un accompagnatore, potranno entrare gratuitamente in tutti i nostri siti. Supportiamo anche un centro di recupero tartarughe marine per curarne e salvarne il maggior numero possibile. Just write to the email wolves romavolleyclub. Nata in Italia nel Operation Smile Italia Onlus, grazie ad una rete di medici, infermieri e operatori sanitari, cura ed assiste, nel nostro Paese e in tutto il mondo, bambini e adulti nati con malformazioni cranio-maxillo-facciali come la labiopalatoschisi.

Offerta valida fino ad esaurimento posti. Contatti: booking jambogroup. Lo sapevi che puoi acquistare il tuo pettorale anche presso uno dei punti vendita ufficiali? Below are the rates we have designed:. Di seguito le tariffe che abbiamo pensato:. Do you want to contribute to the success of Acea Run Rome The Marathon and be our official registration promoter?

Contact us on info runromethemathon. To find out more, write to promozione runromethemarathon. Area Run Rome The Marathon is happy to host any club, association or sports group that requests to participate. For all other info please refer to the official marathon regulations. If you have any doubts or problems registering athletes please contact segreteria sdam.

We look forward to seeing you on 27 March to make your mark in history with your friends! Area Run Rome The Marathon rewards athletes who have always reached the finish line in all previous editions. For you, an ever-present senior, a free bib. Click here. Vuoi contribuire al successo della Acea Run Rome The Marathon ed essere nostro promoter ufficiale iscrizioni? Contattaci su info runromethemathon. Acea Run Rome The Marathon vuole intrecciare relazioni con i migliori partner italiani ed esteri.

One of the most important project for Rotary International is the one fighting poliomyelitis supporting the project born in PolioPlus. If more than 30 years ago in the world there were thousand new cases per day, last year only 4 thousand were recorded and now poliomyelitis is confined in Afghanistan and Pakistan. For many years now the Rotary District in the areas of Rome, Lazio and Sardinia is committed to raise funds for vaccination worldwide thanks to the participation in sport events of different nature.

The Fondazione SportCity joins for the first time the Charity Program of the Run Rome the Marahon, with the goal of promoting and supporting the sportivization of the Italian cities. Parks and urban squares become the sport locations ready to host sport activities accessible to all the community.

The Fondazione SportCity brings free and accessible sport in the Italian cities during the SportCity Day and will mentor sportcity trainers in each of the hosting cities, they will be able to teach how to do physical activities in urban areas in the safest way.

Improve the urban areas where you train dail. Run on qui to register and for more info please contact presidenza fondazionesportcity. From the outset, AIRC has been committed to fostering cancer research in Italy, and has gradually expanded to include 17 Regional Committees and count over 4.

For further details please visit airc. On March 27th run the Rome Marathon, a route that is unmatched anywhere in the world, alongside the AIRC Foundation to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured. Registration info: For further details please e-mail us at: run4.

Conta su 4 milioni e mezzo di sostenitori, 20mila volontari e 17 comitati regionali che garantiscono a oltre 5. In oltre 50 anni di impegno AIRC ha distribuito oltre 1 miliardo e seicento milioni di euro per il finanziamento della ricerca oncologica dati attualizzati e aggiornati al 15 gennaio Informazioni e approfondimenti su airc.

Contatto mail per info sulla tua partecipazione scrivici a: run4. Migliora le aree urbane dove giornalmente ti alleni. Corri su qui per iscriverti e per informazioni scrivi a presidenza fondazionesportcity. Per maggiori informazioni contattare promozione runromethemarathon. You too can be one of the lucky runners who will have the chance to register simultaneously for two of the most important and eagerly awaited marathons in the world.

All the details of the promo here. Tutti i dettagli della promo qui. Ogni anno in Italia, perdono la vita a causa di queste patologie circa 4 giovani ogni Maggiori informazioni: www. Gestisce progetti di riforestazione grazie ai quali contribuisce alla sicurezza alimentare e al sostegno economico di famiglie contadine dei diversi paesi dove opera. Un doppio impatto: per il pianeta, per le persone. Sono bambini e ragazzi che, finita la scuola, non hanno alternative.

Correre con Sport Senza Frontiere Onlus significa aiutare bambini e bambine che vivono un disagio socio-economico e sono a rischio esclusione sociale. Vuoi far correre la tua azienda?

Scrivi una mail a segreteria fondazionemaratonaalzheimer. Accommodation offer for bookings by 30 January From 26 to 27 March for 1 night — admission on Saturday From 25 to 27 March for 2 nights — admission on Friday.

Provenienza Italy — Roma RM. Profilo Facebook Profilo Instagram. COVID carefully read the official dispositions adopted for the race number pick-up according on partecipating in the race. Un tempo qui risuonavano le gride degli spettatori di fronte alle imprese degli atleti.

Era lungo metri, largo e poteva ospitare Siamo aperti tutti i giorni della settimana dalle 10 alle 19 orario continuato ultimo ingresso Amant odv is an animal rights and environmentalist association that marries various battles including:. And again, support for people in need who own animals, adoptions, food collections, help for kennels and catteries. Offre ai bambini e ai ragazzi strumenti espressivi e comunicativi per sviluppare le loro idee, potenziare le loro risorse e attraverso il gioco, li educa alla partecipazione civica e culturale.

The area was taken over by the association that deals with mowing it and keeping it enriching it with plantings. The goal is in fact to spread the culture of environmental protection, respect for animals, biodiversity, and good rules of conduct and common sense. Tra il 17 e il 26 settembre , i partecipanti alla maratona della staffetta e della stracittadina Fun Race e un loro accompagnatore potranno entrare al Parco con il biglietto R. The organisation of Acea Run Rome The Marathon informs that, in compliance with the regulations currently in force in Italy for the containment of the spread of the Covid virus, the following measures will be taken:.

Participants and accompanying persons are invited to follow the updates to these provisions which will be published on www. Per iscrizioni e regolamento clicca qui. Offre servizi qualificati, organizzati e completamente gratuiti. Si interessa per il superamento di ogni forma di esclusione e di emarginazione sociale.

In Italia promuove i diritti di oltre For any further requests, additions, children and anything else send an email to: booking jambogroup. To find out more, write to us at promozione runromethemarathon. Before the crippling flood of the riverbed was significantly different from the current one, its waters ran along the northern part of the city and the coastline was closer than it is today to the buildings.

According to the legend, Ancus Marcius king of Rome, founded Ostia in BC as a crucial spot to make use of the salt pans at the mouth of the Tiber. In the 2nd century AD Ostia, at the height of its prosperity some estimates suggest 50, inhabitants , changed to a commercial harbour connected to the Imperial Harbours of Claudius and Trajan.

Con il predominio di Roma sul Mediterraneo II secolo a. Nel II secolo d. GTI e Kare srl Agenzia di viaggi Kamakare vi accolgono a braccia aperte in un percorso di scoperta pieno di sorprese. In occasione della Run Rome the Marathon abbiamo creato dei tour speciali a costi convenzionati, insieme alle nostre guide professioniste aderenti a GTI — Guide Turistiche Italiane. Vogliamo offrirvi la migliore esperienza di viaggio nella storia gloriosa di Roma e del Lazio animati da passione, con la giusta competenza e tanta voglia di condividere il nostro tempo con voi per farvi innamorare di Roma e dei suoi dintorni.

Consultate le nostre proposte e scegliete uno dei nostri tour utilizzando il codice RRTM oppure il pettorale. Run in Rome … and discover its beauties: Rome as you have never seen it before. Itineraries both in the city and out of town with a professional guide.

GTI and Kare srl Kamakare travel agency welcome you with open arms on a journey of discovery full of surprises. Rome is beautiful, with its monuments, history, lights and breathtaking views. We want to offer you the best experience travelling through the glorious history of Rome and Lazio animated by passion, mixed with the right competence and a great desire to share our time with you to make you fall in love with Rome and its surroundings.

We welcome everyone: adults and youths, sporty people and couch potatoes, Italians and foreigners, able and disabled. Consult our proposals and choose one of our tours using the RRTM code or the bib. Corriamo insieme per ospitare gratuitamente al Camp bambini e ragazzi con patologie gravi e croniche.

Dynamo believes that happiness is an undeniable right. This is why we offer free Recreational Therapy programs for children and teenagers with serious or chronic illnesses as well as to their families and healthy siblings in order to give them serenity and help them facing the disease with another attitude.

We need you to keep giving ill children the opportunity to have an unforgettable experience at Dynamo Camp which is a happy place of long term benefits such as finding self-confidence and hope.

La Pelle Azzurra speaks to 32 million Italian sportsmen, to all disciplines because sport is the same. The registration fee is entirely intended for a donation to the Association La Pelle Azzurra to support Olympic and Paralympic athletes who will bring the blue shirt towards the sound of the Italian National anthem in the world.

For information on registration send an email to community lapelleazzurra. Alzheimer Uniti Roma was founded in with the aim of affirming and spreading the culture of rights, to make life of sick people and their families better, combining the themes of care and assistance with those of prevention and scientific research. Together with the Alzheimer Marathon Foundation, we are also present this year at FunRace: run with us to give a voice to over a million people living with dementia.

Rientrano in questo progetto anche le donazioni: agli ospedali, di apparecchiature mediche come elettrocardiografi e holter; defibrillatori agli istituti scolastici. Per ogni ulteriore informazione, scrivere a: info lastelladilorenzo. Arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy is in fact a genetic, degenerative disease, currently with no cure, which is very often asymptomatic and is one of the main causes of sudden death in young people; about 4 young people per , are affected in Italy every year.

Also included in this project are donations: medical equipment such as electrocardiographs and holters to hospitals and AED to schools. As part of the scientific research for a drug that can cure this pathology, blocking its course, La Stella di Lorenzo Onlus is funding the Department of Biology of the University of Padua.

For any further information, please send an email to: info lastelladilorenzo. Francesco Fagnani, giovane ed entusiasta nutrizionista sportivo, un punto di riferimento per importanti atleti professionisti e per un gran numero di amatori.

Biologo nutrizionista, farmacista, esperto in nutrizione sportiva avanzata. Aiuta atleti, manager, imprenditori e professionisti ad ottimizzare le prestazioni psicofisiche attraverso un metodo scientifico, frutto di oltre 15 anni di esperienza. Fondazione Maratona Alzheimer was born from the sporting-solidarity event Maratona Alzheimer, now in its 10th edition, with the aim of raising awareness and affirming the rights of people with dementia and their families, to improve their lives combining the themes of care and assistance with those of prevention and scientific research.

Together with Associazione Alzheimer Uniti Roma we are present at Run4Rome: run with us to give a voice to over million people living with dementia. Write an email to segreteria fondazionemaratonaalzheimer. Who it is aimed at: all age groups, offering running tours or walking tours. The sole purpose is to get people to see the city in a completely new way! Clicca qui per acquistare i pettorali per il tuo team per vivere insieme la staffetta Run4Rome ed aiutarci con un gesto concreto.

Doppia Difesa is a non-profit foundation established in The will of the founders, Michelle Hunziker and Giulia Bongiorno, is to help those who have suffered discrimination, abuse and violence but do not have the courage, or the ability, to initiate a complaint. Click here to buy bibs for your team to experience the Run4Rome relay together and help us with a tangible contribution.

Founded in Italy in , the Operation Smile Italia Non-Profit Foundation is part of an international organisation made up of volunteer doctors, nurses and other health workers from over 80 countries around the world who treat people born with facial malformations, such as cleft lip and palate, free of charge; the Foundation is also active in Italy with the medical projects Smile House, Un Mare di Sorrisi [A Sea of Smiles] and World Care Program.

Operation Smile, established in in the United States, is today considered one of the largest volunteer-based non-profit organisations for the treatment of these illnesses. Thanks to the help of the many generous people who support us each year, we make surgical treatment accessible in countries where it is most needed, train local health workers, and donate medical and hospital equipment to treat anyone born with a facial deformity. Train and run for the smiles of children who are waiting to be cured, support our medical programmes in Italy and around the world.

For information, write to prenotazioni operationsmile. Allenati e corri per i sorrisi dei bambini che aspettano di essere curati, sostieni i nostri programmi medici in Italia e nel mondo. Per informazioni scrivi a prenotazioni operationsmile. Education, social inclusion and psycho-physical wellbeing through sport, for disadvantaged children and adolescents, is the heart of the non-profit organisation that designs and organises guided sports courses, in collaboration with a network of sports and medical associations.

Sport Without Borders believes in sport as a tool for integration and social change. Guaranteeing access to sport to those who need it, taking it where it is not present and spreading its principles and values; this is the mission of the association that operates mainly in Italy in Milan, Rome, Turin, Naples, Trento, Bergamo, Rieti Terminillo.

Every year, in Italy, cancer affects about 1, children up to 14 years of age. Thanks to constant progress in research, three out of four children are now completely cured. For info and registration, write now to run4. For more information: www. Ogni anno, in Italia, il cancro colpisce circa 1. Grazie ai costanti progressi della ricerca, oggi tre bambini su quattro guariscono completamente. Entra nella nostra squadra per correre insieme verso un grande traguardo! Sport Senza Frontiere crede nello sport come strumento di integrazione e di cambiamento sociale.

Bambini, non curabili nei loro Paesi di origine — o totalmente sprovvisti di copertura sanitaria — che necessitano di cure immediate. Per ulteriori informazioni: www.

Abbiamo pensato a diversi vantaggi e promozioni, come ad esempio un pettorale in omaggio ogni 10 partecipanti. Scrivici a info runromethemarathon. Ti aspettiamo il 19 settembre per lasciare un segno nella storia insieme ai tuoi amici! Run Rome The Marathon is pleased to host any club, association or sports group that asks to participate.

We have prepared different benefits and promotions, such as a free bib for every 10 participants. Write to info runromethemarathon. Click here to complete your registration. We look forward to seeing you on 19 September to leave a mark on history together with your friends! Run Rome The Marathon rewards athletes who have always reached the finishing line in all previous editions. The cancellation of the edition makes your hunger for the finish even stronger.

At registration, in addition to the bib, you will receive the race pack with the race t-shirt and two medals: one for the edition, dedicated to the gods, and one for this year. All athletes registered for the edition will receive a communication via email with instructions to confirm their registration in or postpone it until the edition. You have a new goal ahead of you and to reach it you will have to travel the most exciting At registration, together with the bib, you will receive the race pack with the race t-shirt and the medal.

The limited edition Finisher T-Shirt , dedicated to the athletes who finish the race, can only be purchased online. If you are a true runner, just one finish may not be enough for you. Take advantage of the dedicated Combo and offer:. For the purposes of the registration fee, the date of payment will be valid. Users who purchase the combo will receive information and codes for registering for the edition as soon as the edition is over.

Run Rome The Marathon is attentive to participants of all ages. We want to reward the longest-lived, stoic and courageous marathon runners. Acea Run Rome The Marathon premia gli atleti che hanno sempre raggiunto il traguardo di tutte le edizioni precedenti. Sei pronto? Se sei un vero runner, un solo traguardo potrebbe non bastarti.

To find out more, write to info runromethemarathon. We look forward to seeing you on 21 March to leave a mark on history together with your friends! Below are the rates we have prepared for you:. Ti aspettiamo il 21 marzo per lasciare un segno nella storia insieme ai tuoi amici! We will host 30 families with children and young people with serious or chronic diseases. In Dynamo, we believe that Happiness is an undeniable right.

Through the activities of Recreational Therapy in groups, Dynamo Camp helps these youngsters regain confidence and focus on individual potential and talents, generating self-esteem and resilience — in the broader sense of social inclusion as well. We need you to give 30 families with children and young people suffering from serious or chronic diseases the chance to have an unforgettable experience at Dynamo Camp, to rediscover that there is always a good reason to smile in life.

Allenati e corri per i sorrisi dei bambini che aspettano di essere curati, sostieni la prossima missione medica in Honduras di Operation Smile. Siamo presenti nel Paese dal e in oltre 21 anni grazie ai nostri volontari medici ed operatori sanitari, ed ai nostri sostenitori, abbiamo curato oltre 3, piccoli pazienti che oggi sorridono ed hanno una vita diversa. Nonostante i risultati raggiunti ancora molto rimane da fare: sono ancora tanti i bambini che aspettano di essere curati.

Founded in Italy in , the Operation Smile Italia Onlus Foundation is part of an International Organisation, made up of medical volunteers, nurses and other health workers from over 80 countries around the world who treat people born with facial malformations, such as cleft lip and cleft palate; the Foundation is also active in Italy with the medical projects Smile House, Un Mare di Sorrisi and World Care Program. Operation Smile, established in in the United States, is today considered one of the largest voluntary Non-Profit Organisations for the treatment of these diseases.

With the help of the many generous people who support us every year, we make surgical treatment accessible in the countries where it is most needed, train local health personnel and provide medical and hospital equipment to treat anyone born with a facial defect. We have been present in the country since and in over 21 years, thanks to our medical volunteers and health workers, as well as our supporters, we have treated over 3, young patients who today are able to smile and have a different life.

Despite the results achieved, much remains to be done: many children are still waiting to be treated. As regards workers from other Member States, the principle of freedom of movement must be respected. It gives every EU citizen the right to move freely to another Member State to work and reside there for that purpose, and protects them against discrimination in employment, remuneration and other working conditions in comparison to nationals of that Member State.

As far as workers from non-member countries are concerned, the terms and conditions of the employment relationship must respect national and EC law. The Commission Work Programme for provides for the establishment of a European platform to fight against undeclared work. It will seek to improve cooperation and exchange information and best practice at EU level, in particular between enforcement bodies, with a view to a more effective and coherent approach to the fight against undeclared work, both within the Member States and at cross-border level.

What measures is the EU proposing to stamp out tax evasion by individuals with a high net wealth and professionals with high incomes in EU Member States such as Greece?

The action plan does not only refer to measures aimed at fighting tax fraud and evasion, but also to measures aimed at enhancing tax compliance. In essence, it sets out a number of practical actions which can deliver concrete results to all Member States and lend support in particular to those Member States which need to strengthen tax collection.

In order to promote the effective implementation of the action plan the Commission will create a Platform for Tax Good Governance composed of experts from Member States and stakeholders to provide assistance in preparing its report on the application of the two recommendations and in its ongoing work on aggressive tax planning and good governance in tax matters.

With a view to maintaining social cohesion, have any proposals been made about — or has any consideration been given to — launching a broader and more flexible programme that will directly meet the practical needs of European citizens suffering from the adverse consequences of the economic crisis?

What will the objectives of such a programme be and how will Member States be informed so that they can seek assistance? The European Commission has proposed to set up two programmes under Social Cohesion in the period which will directly meet the practical needs of European Citizens:. One already existing program is the European Social Fund ESF targeting those people with particular difficulties in finding work, such as women, young people not in employment or training, older workers, migrants and people with disabilities.

For the period the European Commission has proposed some changes: The ESF will much more focus on social inclusion and contribute to combating poverty. A greater emphasis will be on combating youth unemployment and supporting the most disadvantaged groups.

The Social Investment Package, to be adopted on 20 February, is going to provide MS with detailed indications how social investments through the ESF in the social economy and social innovation can better contribute to social inclusion and combating poverty. The Fund would support with providing food and clothing and other essential goods to the most deprived people. Both Funds are now in the European Parliament and the Council for discussion and adoption.

Once adopted, both Funds will be implemented by the MS. In addition, in the field of Social Cohesion the European Regional Development Fund ERDF is allocated especially to social infrastructure comprising education, health, childcare, housing and other social infrastructure to integrated sustainable urban development. The new regulatory proposal for foresees some new elements, such as a shift to community based care and targeted investments on desegregation of educational facilities.

The Greek Cypriot administration can get a loan from the North, just as they get electricity and water when they need it. Is the Commission aware that the Republic of Cyprus for decades provided free electricity to the Turkish Cypriots, even after the Turkish invasion of what is now the illegal pseudo-state, but when the Republic of Cyprus needed power for a short period of time — because of the disaster in Mari — it had to pay the Turkish Cypriots dearly for it?

The Commission is fully aware of the difficulties in supplying electricity to Cyprus. That explains why in its Green Line report, the Commission welcomed the agreement between the Presidents of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and the Turkish-Cypriot Chamber of Commerce for the supply of electricity from the non-government controlled to the government-controlled areas, following the regrettable explosion at the naval base of Mari in July This agreement has to be considered as a very good confidence building measure between the two communities living in Cyprus, and as an example for further confidence building measures to be adopted in the future, in order to promote the process of reunification and reconciliation between the Greek Cypriot and the Turkish Cypriot communities.

Commissioner Geoghegan-Quinn has also stated that this will be the general principle applied to research funded through the Horizon framework programme. In their implementation of the recommendations made by Dame Janet Finch on expanding access to scientific research findings, the Research Councils of the UK RCUK have agreed that all peer-reviewed papers based on RCUK-funded research must be published on an open access basis from April Can the Commission give Parliament an update on the implementation of open access by the other EU Member States and on how it plans to ensure that these policies converge speedily towards the model adopted by the United Kingdom?

Answer given by Ms Geoghegan-Quinn on behalf of the Commission. The European Commission is indeed committed to making open access to scientific publications a general principle of Horizon and has also recommended that Member States take a similar approach to the results of research funded under their national programmes.

The Commission has therefore asked them to designate a National Point of Reference NPR to act as interlocutor on open access related issues in order to engage in a process of exchange of best practices and lessons learned. The process of nominating these NPRs is ongoing. The Commission recognises that there are several ways of arriving at open access, since different Member States and stakeholders have different situations and needs. The Commission believes that both routes are valid and complementary approaches for open access to be effective, fair, affordable, competitive and sustainable for researchers and innovative businesses.

The European Food Safety Authority is reviewing data requirements for testing the safety of plant protection products with regard to bees. The protection of bees from pesticides is of utmost importance, alongside ensuring that farmers have access to an adequate toolbox to protect their crops from pests, weeds and diseases, enabling them to meet the challenges of feeding an increasing population and to protect natural resources including land.

How will the Commission ensure that the guidance document for testing the safety of plant protection products with regard to bees is comprehensive, pragmatic and proportionate, and that the feedback sent by relevant stakeholders, such as beekeepers, farmers, industry and Member States, is taken into account so that the document is both practical and workable? How will the Commission ensure that the limited available resources for bee testing and research are focused on the factors which are considered by an increasing academic consensus to be largely responsible for causing poor bee health, including the Varroa parasite, diseases, lack of forage and beekeeping practices?

How will the Commission ensure that any further testing requirements, if proposed by EFSA, do not have the effect of undermining innovation in respect of plant protection products in Europe because of technical delays resulting from limited capacity to conduct additional bee testing? Given the high level of public concern over honey bees and the importance of plant protection products for agricultural productivity, does the Commission intend to carry out an impact assessment and make it available to Parliament before the adoption of the guidance document?

The European Food Safety Authority EFSA , as requested by the Commission, is reviewing the risk assessment scheme for plant protection products as regards their impact on bees. New data requirements received a favourable opinion of the Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health in July and are currently under the scrutiny of the European Parliament and the Council.

The new requirements, once adopted, will become applicable in January The Commission requested EFSA to develop a guidance document on the risk assessment of plant protection products to bees, and is sure that EFSA will carefully examine all comments received before finalising the guidance document.

The Commission is funding several research projects to define the role of varroa, viruses and pesticides on bee decline. The Bee Doc project. As described above, data requirements for pesticide dossiers are adopted by the Commission and not by EFSA.

The guidance document under preparation by EFSA is not legally binding. It aims to provide guidance for the correct implementation of the relevant Community legislation. No Commission impact assessment is being prepared for the guidance. According to the recent findings of two studies published in the Journal of Paediatrics , 1 in 10 children, and 1 in 3 teenagers, who have food allergies or are overweight are vulnerable to being bullied by their peers.

What action does the EU recommend to Member States, especially at the dawn of the European Year of Citizens , in order to raise awareness of bullying, which is often linked to depression and even suicide and affects the daily lives of young European citizens and their families? The Commission is well aware of the stigmatisation of obese young people.

Actions to raise awareness about bullying, however, fall under the responsibility of Member States. The Commission supports Member States in their efforts to educate young people for constructive citizenship, democracy, tolerance and respect for diversity and human rights, including through the Lifelong Learning Programme and its sub-programme for school education, Comenius, which has already funded several projects on this theme.

Does the EU intend to remind Mr Erdogan of the case of Cyprus and the numerous UN Security Council resolutions on the subject, which have never been implemented by Turkey, and to ask him to immediately withdraw the Turkish army from the island and work towards a permanent solution to the Cyprus problem, with both himself and his country showing full respect for the UN?

The Commission reiterates at various instances the need for Turkey to contribute to an overall solution of the Cyprus issue.

The Commission refers the Honourable Member to the Progress Report on Turkey, which underlines that, as emphasised in the negotiating framework and in Council declarations, Turkey is expected to actively support the negotiations aimed at a fair, comprehensive and viable settlement of the Cyprus issue within the United Nations UN framework, in accordance with the relevant UN Security Council resolutions and in line with the principles on which the EU is founded.

In caso di risposta affermativa, quali? Intende sollecitare concretamente la Turchia a ritirare il proprio esercito dal territorio cipriota e procedere alla riunificazione di Cipro?

In caso di risposta affermativa, come? Since then, the Republic of Cyprus has been divided. The United Nations also explicitly called on Turkey to retract its declaration of sovereignty over Northern Cyprus and on all sovereign states not to recognise the sovereignty of that republic. How urgently does the Commission intend to call on Turkey to effectively implement the Ankara Protocol in full and, if Turkey does not comply with its obligations, does it intend to impose sanctions?

If so, what sanctions? Does it intend specifically to urge Turkey to withdraw its army from Cypriot territory and to reunify Cyprus? If so, how? The issue raised by the Honourable Member is part of the process aiming at a comprehensive settlement in Cyprus between the leaders of the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities under the auspices of the United Nations.

In its October Communication on the Enlargement Strategy and Main Challenges 10 , the Commission underlined the necessity to re-launch the negotiations with the aim of reaching a swift conclusion of the talks, building on the progress achieved to date and encouraged Turkey to increase in concrete terms its commitment and contribution to the talks. The Commission has been thwarted by the failure of political parties to agree on several issues, including the right to freedom of conscience and religion.

Turkey, as a country negotiating its accession to the EU, needs to guarantee in practice equal rights and freedoms for all its citizens irrespective of their language, race, colour, gender, political opinion, philosophical belief, religion and sect, or any similar considerations. As regards the respect of freedom of thought, conscience and religion, the Commission has extensively reported in its Progress Report on Turkey 12 and concluded that, although the dialogue with the non-Muslim religious communities continued, there were cases of persons professing faith in minority religions or indeed no faith who continued to be discriminated against.

A legal framework in line with the ECHR has yet to be established to ensure that all non-Muslim communities and the Alevi community can function without undue constraints. The Commission has shared this conclusion with the Turkish authorities. Uit Nederlandse mediaberichten, waaronder een reportage van Omroep Brabant op 27 december 13 , blijkt dat op grote schaal drugs worden doorgevoerd vanuit de haven in Antwerpen naar Nederland. Heeft de Commissie kennis genomen van berichten dat vanuit de Antwerpse haven op grote schaal drugs worden doorgevoerd naar Nederland?

Is de Commissie op de hoogte van vermeende corruptie, zoals onder medewerkers, in de Antwerpse haven? Heeft de Commissie een overzicht van cijfers over de drugshandel via Europese havens? Kan de Commissie aangeven in hoeverre de Belgische en Nederlandse justitie samenwerken op het terrein van drugsbestrijding in havens? Ziet de Commissie mogelijkheden om projecten te financieren die drugshandel in zeehavens tegengaan?

De Commissie verricht geen operationele wetshandhavingsactiviteiten en verzamelt evenmin operationele inlichtingen over criminele activiteiten. Douanecontroles vinden plaats op basis van een risicoanalyse of steekproeven zoals bepaald in artikel 13 van Verordening EEG nr.

Ter ondersteuning van deze activiteiten en om gelijkwaardige op risicoanalyses gebaseerde controles te garanderen, wisselen de douaneautoriteiten actief risicogerelateerde informatie uit via het elektronisch risicobeheersysteem voor douane. Douanedeskundigen en bestuurders van EU-havens komen regelmatig samen om de beste werkmethoden te ontwikkelen en toe te passen.

According to Dutch media reports, including a report by Omroep Brabant on 27 December 14 , the Port of Antwerp is being used as a transit location for large-scale drug trafficking to the Netherlands. Has the Commission taken note of reports that the Port of Antwerp is being used as a transit location for large-scale drug trafficking to the Netherlands?

Is it aware of alleged corruption in the Port of Antwerp, including among its employees? Can it indicate the extent of cooperation between the Belgian and Dutch judiciary in the fight against drugs in ports? Does it feel that it is possible to finance projects aimed at fighting drug trafficking in sea ports? How does the Commission see its own role in this context, including in the light of the Stockholm Programme, with regard to judicial cooperation?

The Commission does not undertake operational law enforcement activities nor does it collect operational intelligence on criminal activities. The Commission supports Member States’ law enforcement activities at cross-border level, as well as judicial cooperation activities, by proposing the legislative framework for such cooperation and by supporting the relevant EU agencies such as Europol, Eurojust or the European Agency for the Management of Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union Frontex.

The Commission also finances institution building activities aimed at combating drug trafficking, for instance in West Africa, which represents an important drug trafficking hub along the so-called cocaine route. As regards judicial cooperation, the Commission has put forward legislatives proposals to set up and continuously improve the legal framework for effective judicial cooperation between Member States.

This not only includes mutual recognition instruments covering the entire judicial procedure — from taking of evidence to the execution of a final sentence, but also the setting up of common minimum standards on procedural rights to strengthen mutual trust between Member States’ judicial authorities.

In support of these activities and pursuing the aim of ensuring equivalent risk based controls customs authorities actively exchange and share risk related information through the electronic customs risk management system.

Customs experts and managers of EU ports meet regularly to develop and apply best working practices. Between November and December , there were 2 reported cases of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in Ireland. Data was available for 1 of these. Out of these 1 cases, there were only survivors. What is the Commission doing to reduce the number of people who suffer cardiac arrest?

What is the Commission doing to reduce the fatality rate among those who do suffer a cardiac arrest? Does the Commission believe it is important to facilitate further research on out-of-hospital cardiac arrests? The organisation and delivery of healthcare is the responsibility of Member States.

This process should help identify the potential for further added-value action at EU level in support of Member States. Although the Commission did not support research projects specifically addressing out-of-hospital cardiac arrests through the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development FP7, , the Commission is devoting EUR 15 million to ongoing research on the major causes underlying sudden cardiac death in adults, i.

These projects tackle issues such as the genetic determinants of these diseases as well as the development of diagnostic and therapeutic approaches including novel drugs and devices. I have been alerted by the municipal council of Livera, in Kyrenia Cyprus , to an environmental catastrophe which is taking place there.

Although this area is part of the Natura network, as a site of Community importance SCI , bulldozers have been working since November to build an asphalt road and to connect the area to the electricity grid with a view to building housing.

As a result, the rich biodiversity of the region is being irretrievably damaged and a number of threatened rare plants and species are being destroyed, such as tulipa cypria , crocus cyprius , narcissus tazetta , cyclamen cyprium , ophrys kotschyi , ophrys lapetheca , ophrys syriana , epipactis veratrifolia , ophrys elegans and serapias aphroditae.

As Livera is a Natura site, urgent steps need to be taken to put an end to these criminal actions, which will have a long-lasting and irreversible environmental impact on the biodiversity of the region. Bearing in mind that this is not the first time this area has suffered from such criminal activities complaints were registered in and , what steps does the Commission plan to take to stop this illegal activity and to prevent any further such man-made catastrophes in the future?

It should be noted that since the EU acquis is currently suspended in the northern part of Cyprus, the Commission does not have any legal tool to enforce compliance with the relevant environmental EU legislation in that part of the island.

Seven areas, including Kyrenia mountains, have been identified and draft management plans were prepared. In preparation for the future application of the EU acquis it is for the Turkish Cypriot Community to take the necessary conservation measures. However, the Commission does not have any legal instrument to enforce environmental protection in the site in question. Nevertheless, the Commission continues to raise the issue with the Turkish Cypriot community and to encourage interested parties to apply appropriate conservation measures in the northern part of Cyprus.

Wie beabsichtigt die Kommission sicherzustellen, dass die anderen Mitgliedstaaten diese Informationen auch rechtzeitig erhalten? Betreft: Waarschuwingsmechanisme voor erkenning van beroepskwalificaties. Een Nederlandse ex-neuroloog is door het Nederlandse Openbaar Ministerie aangeklaagd voor het begaan van ernstige medische fouten tijdens de jaren dat hij in een Nederlands ziekenhuis werkte. Ondanks het feit dat hij niet langer bevoegd is om in Nederland als arts te werken omdat hij afstand had gedaan van zijn licentie, werd hij toch aangenomen als arts in ziekenhuizen over de grens in Duitsland.

Hoewel lidstaten andere lidstaten mogen vragen naar achtergrondinformatie over beroepskwalificaties van medisch personeel, is er tot op de dag van vandaag geen verplichting om lidstaten automatisch te waarschuwen in het geval van het intrekken van een licentie of bij een veroordeling.

In december heeft de Commissie een voorstel gedaan voor herziening van de Richtlijn betreffende de erkenning van beroepskwalificaties COM , waarin zij voorstelt om een waarschuwingsmechanisme in werking te stellen artikel 56 bis. Bevoegde autoriteiten van lidstaten zouden zodoende verplicht worden gesteld alle andere lidstaten op de hoogte te brengen van personen die van een autoriteit of een rechtbank een verbod hebben gekregen tot uitoefening van hun beroep.

Hoe denkt de Commissie, met het oog op de tenuitvoerlegging van deze nieuwe richtlijn, toe te zien op de uitwisseling van informatie door de bevoegde autoriteiten van de lidstaat van herkomst met als doel de bevoegde autoriteiten van alle andere lidstaten in te lichten over personen die van een autoriteit of een rechtbank een verbod hebben gekregen tot uitoefening van hun beroep?

Hoe gaat de Commissie ervoor zorgen dat de informatie alle andere lidstaten op tijd bereikt? Is de Commissie het ermee eens dat een centrale Europese zwarte lijst nodig is waarin veroordelingen en de intrekking van licenties geregistreerd worden, gecombineerd met een automatisch systeem dat de medische beroepsbeoefenaars wier licentie is ingetrokken zou verhinderen een nieuwe licentie te verkrijgen in een andere lidstaat?

Zou de Commissie bereid en in staat zijn tot het voorstellen van de instelling van een centrale Europese zwarte lijst voor personen die van een autoriteit of een rechtbank een verbod hebben gekregen tot uitoefening van hun beroep?

Beschouwt de Commissie het daarnaast als noodzakelijk de lidstaten te verplichten elkaar in te lichten over lopende strafprocessen tegen medisch personeel door het uitwisselen van informatie over lopende zaken? De lidstaten kunnen zelf bepalen hoe deze samenwerking gestalte krijgt en hoe ver deze reikt.

In het kader van de modernisering van de richtlijn heeft de Commissie voorgesteld deze algemene samenwerkingsverplichting aan te vullen met een proactief waarschuwingssysteem voor de hele EU, dat ook zou worden toegepast voor artsen. Dit systeem houdt in dat de bevoegde autoriteit van een lidstaat de naam van een arts die door de nationale rechtbanken of autoriteiten een verbod heeft gekregen om beroepswerkzaamheden uit te oefenen in die lidstaat, zal moeten communiceren naar alle andere lidstaten en naar de Commissie.

Het voorgestelde waarschuwingssysteem zou ook werken voor een tijdelijk verbod. De lidstaten zouden de waarschuwing moeten doorgeven binnen drie dagen nadat zij de verbodsbeslissing hebben genomen. Gezien de verschillende regelingen voor gegevensbescherming en professionele registratiesystemen in de EU, dekt het voorstel van de Commissie niet de gevallen waar de professional onder toezicht staat van de autoriteiten, maar nog geen beroepsverbod heeft gekregen.

Het voorstel voorziet ook niet in de opstelling van een centrale Europese zwarte lijst met professionals die een verbod hebben gekregen. De algemene samenwerkingsverplichting tussen de lidstaten zou in ieder geval van toepassing blijven. A Dutch ex-neurologist has been charged by the Dutch public prosecutor with committing serious medical errors during the years he worked in a Dutch hospital. Despite the fact that he is no longer certified to work as a medical doctor in the Netherlands having renounced his licence , he was employed as a medical doctor by hospitals across the border in Germany.

While Member States are entitled to ask other Member States for background information on professional qualifications of medical personnel, to date there is no obligation to automatically notify other Member States in the event of an annulment of licence to practise or a conviction. In December the Commission put forward its proposal for a revision of the directive on the recognition of professional qualifications COM , in which it proposes to introduce an alert mechanism Article 56a.

Competent authorities of Member States would be required to notify the competent authorities of all other Member States about persons who have been banned by an authority or a court from exercising their profession. With a view to implementing the new directive, how does the Commission intend to enforce the exchange of information by the competent authorities of the home Member States so as to warn the competent authorities of all the other Member States about persons who have been banned by an authority or a court from exercising their profession?

How will the Commission make sure this information reaches all the other Member States in time? Does the Commission agree that a European central blacklist is needed in which annulments of medical licences and convictions are registered, combined with an automatic system that would prevent those medical professionals whose licence has been annulled from obtaining a new licence in another Member State?

Would the Commission be able and willing to propose the introduction of such a European central blacklist of persons who have been banned by an authority or a court from exercising their profession? Furthermore, does the Commission consider it necessary to oblige Member States to inform each other of pending criminal procedures against medical personnel by exchanging information on pending cases? The modalities and scope of this cooperation are left to the Member States.

In the context of the modernisation of the directive, the Commission has proposed to supplement this general cooperation obligation with a proactive EU-wide alert system, which would also apply to medical doctors. Under this system, the competent authority of a Member State would have to communicate the name of the doctor banned by national courts or authorities from pursuing the professional activity in that Member State to all the other Member States and the Commission.

The proposed alert system would also cover temporary prohibitions. Member States would be required to send the alert within three days from the adoption of the relevant prohibition decision.

Furthermore, the proposal does not envisage the drawing up of a European central blacklist of banned professionals. In any event, the general cooperation obligation between Member States would continue to apply.

Last December, the Bolivian government decided to expropriate four electricity subsidiaries operated by the Spanish company Iberdrola. Spanish, Argentinian and American shareholders were among those affected by the takeover. The subsidiary companies in question provided a public electricity distribution services and had never been under Bolivian state ownership before. This is the first time that the Bolivian government has nationalised a company that had been a private entity since its creation, in contrast to previous state takeovers, which President Evo Morales has been ordering since he came to power in This is the second time in eight months that a Spanish company has been targeted for state takeover in Bolivia.

In response to these actions, the Spanish Government has stated its determination to ensure that valuation of the expropriated subsidiary companies satisfies objectivity criteria, thereby ensuring that fair compensation is secured for the affected shareholders.

Considering that the EU must strongly insist that its trade partners respect the legal certainty of investments, how does the Commission intend to ensure that corresponding guarantees are fulfilled and the investors receive fair compensation without unnecessary delay? If the Bolivian government were found to have breached these guarantees of legal certainty, what action would the Commission take to rectify the situation? The expropriation of the four electricity subsidiaries operated by the Spanish company Iberdrola is in line with the Bolivian Government’s stated policy to control strategic assets including in electricity generation, transport and distribution.

According to Bolivia, the expropriation comes after four months of negotiations with the companies in question on the price of electricity for rural populations. The European Commission agrees with the Honourable Member’s view that the respect for legal certainty of investments is of paramount importance.

Consequently, the EU Ambassador to Bolivia conveyed to the Bolivian government the expectation that Iberdrola would receive prompt, full and effective compensation for the expropriated companies. Indeed, President Morales confirmed that his administration would offer financial compensation to Iberdrola on the basis of the conclusions of an independent assessment.

The European Commission will continue to closely follow this issue and reaffirm our position as and when appropriate. Although in January Bolivia terminated the BIT with Spain, the past investments remain protected by its provisions for an additional 10 years. Onlangs is er een akkoord gesloten ten aanzien van het uitbetalen van 43 miljard euro aan noodsteun aan Griekenland. Deelt u mijn mening dat, nu Griekenland tientallen miljarden van de Europese belastingbetaler ontvangt, het ongepast is dat Griekenland enige inbreng blijft houden in beraadslagingen binnen de Europese Raad?

Zo nee, waarom niet? Bent u bereid om onderzoek te doen naar de mogelijkheden om het stemrecht van Griekenland binnen de Europese Raad op te schorten? Deelname aan de beraadslagingen en de stemmingen in de Europese Raad en de Raad is een recht van de leden van die instellingen.

Dit recht is inherent aan hun status van lidstaat van de Europese Unie, die bijgevolg uitsluitend kan worden beperkt, opgegeven of gewijzigd ingevolge een herziening van de Unieverdragen zelf, en voorts — in het geval van de Raad — overeenkomstig de in artikel 7 van het VEU vastgelegde regels en voorwaarden.

An agreement has been concluded recently on an emergency aid package for Greece worth EUR 43 billion. If not, why not? Participation in the deliberations and voting of the European Council and Council constitutes a right of the members of those Institutions.

This right is inherent in their status as Member States of the European Union, that, accordingly, can only be limited, waived or modified through a revision of the EU Treaties themselves or, otherwise in case of the Council , under the requirements and conditions laid down by Article 7 TEU.

The fact that a Member State is beneficiary of financial assistance under the current stability mechanisms does not in itself, under any circumstances, lead to its exclusion from the deliberations of the European Council or of the Council or to the suspension of its voting rights.

Tales requisitos parecen deberse a decisiones comerciales. The Spanish Secretary of State for Foreign Trade has just published the results of surveys on the difficulties and obstacles that Spanish businesses encounter in their trade relations with other European Union countries.

The conclusions clearly show that there are still many administrative barriers, regulations which vary from country to country and other obstacles that prevent a genuine European internal market from existing. For example, the main French and German supermarket chains require that meat used in sausages is sourced nationally, and biomass pellets must comply with separate regulations in each of the Member States. Is the Commission aware of the numerous remaining obstacles in the European internal market?

Has the Commission looked into the protectionist regulations for selling sausage meat that are in place in France and Germany? Would the Commission consider it useful to set basic rules on biomass pellets, in order to break down the barriers that pose difficulties for the free movement of these goods?

The requirements set by French and German supermarket chains regarding the meat used in sausages do not constitute regulatory barriers. These requirements seem to be the consequence of commercial choices.

As to biomass pellets, the Commission is assessing whether existing or planned national sustainability criteria for biomass pellets create regulatory barriers to the smooth functioning of the internal market, and whether additional EU actions are required. In general, the Commission is aware that the internal market for products is not yet fully completed. As a first step in this proccess, the Commission launched a wide public consultation 26 on the matter in order to prepare its review of industrial products legislation.

Updating and simplifying the rules for the circulation of products in the single market as well as the identification of gaps still hindering free circulation are issues that are being looked into. Specific attention will be paid to those barriers that mostly hinder SMEs. Additionally, the Commission is focusing its efforts on enforcement of the internal market for products rules through a new Regulation on market surveillance of products 27 proposed in February within the framework of a Product Safety and Market Surveillance Package.

The death of a year-old student who had been assaulted and gang-raped by six men on a bus in India has justifiably provoked a wave of revulsion and protest throughout India. Can Baroness Ashton say what pressure can effectively be brought to bear by the EU on India to ensure that those guilty of rape and sexual abuse receive their just deserts? How can the EU help end persistent misogynous attitudes in a male-dominated country, which is not only slow to act against acts of abuse and rape but, on the contrary, has through its indifference allowed such incidents to proliferate between and , with the result that their number has now more than doubled?

Can the EU withhold funding for India or impose sanctions in a bid to guarantee the safety of women? The recent gang-rape of a year-old Indian student on a New Delhi bus has once more focused attention on the harsh realities of everyday life for women in India, particularly in the capital, New Delhi, where the situation is made much worse by the problem of rape in particular.

While some of these crimes have claimed prominent victims, for example a Swiss diplomat a few years ago, in most cases those targeted, many of them underage, belong to the Dalit caste Untouchables at the lowest level of India’s stratified society. While official figures point to around rapes in New Delhi in , according to the authorities the actual figure is much higher, since most rapes go unreported, either because the victims do not trust the police or because they fear for their lives.

Notwithstanding greater public awareness and increased efforts by the authorities, no solution to the problem is in sight and, following the latest incident which has shaken the country to its roots, the situation is spiralling out of control with the media referring to a wave of terror, while many politicians are calling for tougher action and sterner penalties in a bid to get to grips with problem.

In view of this and in the framework of strategic cooperation between the EU and India:. Will the Commission focus on this problem more closely at the next round of talks with its Indian partners? Will it seek to strengthen civil society and uphold the rights of women in the context of strategic cooperation with a view to preventing more extreme acts of this nature and any accompanying backlash?

In particular, this topic features prominently in the regular meetings of the Human Rights Dialogue between the EU and India. An ongoing project aims at empowering women leaders from local governance institutions to promote women’s rights. In the EU contributed EUR 1 million to the establishment of a Gender Training Institute in Delhi which provides capacity building for women leaders and gender training for a wide range of professionals, including government and law enforcement officials.

This Institute plays an important role in the sensitisation and mobilisation of grassroots communities to help reduce gender-based violence in India. Turkish nationals — illegal settlers residing in the occupied territories of Cyprus — have been avoiding controls to enter the free areas of the Republic of Cyprus, often attempting to travel with false passports purchased for thousands of euros in Turkey , despite the prohibitions of the Republic of Cyprus.

How can the EU help the Republic of Cyprus exercise more effective controls along the entire length of the line of demarcation, given the numerical superiority of the Turkish forces on the island? The Commission reports each year on the implementation of the regulation, including on the question of irregular migration across the Green Line. The Commission has not received any representation from the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus on the issue raised by the Honourable Member. The issue raised by the Honourable Member once again underlines the need for a rapid comprehensive settlement in Cyprus between the leaders of the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities under the auspices of the United Nations.

In its October Communication on the Enlargement Strategy and Main Challenges 31 , the Commission underlined the necessity to re-launch the negotiations with the aim of reaching a swift conclusion of the talks, building on the progress achieved to date and encouraged Turkey to increase in concrete terms its commitment and contribution to the talks. To which agency is the Troika accountable and who evaluates the soundness and effectiveness of the strict austerity policies it is imposing with harsh conditions on Greece and other southern European countries?

The Commission exercises its surveillance of programme countries in order to assess compliance with Council decisions, on the one hand, and on behalf of the Lending Member States, on the other hand. Council decisions are adopted as part of the coordination of the economic policies of the euro area Member States. The Vice-President for economic and monetary affairs and for the Euro regularly participates in the Economic Dialogue with the economic and monetary affairs committee of the European Parliament.

Also, members of the Troika have appeared before the competent Committee of the European Parliament at the invitation of that Committee. Furthermore, programmes have been negotiated with sovereign Governments which are fully accountable before the national parliaments and institutions. Does the Troika have the right to demand that pay and pension cuts be imposed on less fortunate citizens in southern European countries Greece, Spain, Portugal and Cyprus , thereby infringing European principles, collective agreements and established labour rights?

For the EU Member States that accumulated macroeconomic and fiscal imbalances, credible fiscal consolidation and structural reforms are necessary conditions to restore confidence and re-establish fiscal solvency. The alternative to failing to undertake these efforts could result in a more acute fiscal crisis and much more disastrous effects on investment and employment. For this reason, despite the very varied situations of the Member States listed by the Honourable Member, most countries that accumulated macroeconomic and fiscal imbalances, irrespective of a possible presence of financial assistance programmes, have been dovetailing efforts to put public finances on a sustainable track, while improving competitiveness and enhancing the capacity of wages to adjust in line with productivity and unemployment developments.

When taking those efforts, equity considerations are taken into account with a view to sparing those who are more vulnerable and to avoiding adverse distributional effects.

The Memoranda of Understanding MoU linked to financial assistance programmes are the outcomes of discussions and negotiations between the concerned Member State, on the one hand, and the IMF, and the Commission in liaison with the ECB — acting on behalf of the euro area Member States — on the other hand.

The content of the MoU is mutually agreed and signed by Member States authorities, under their political responsibility. The Commission is attentive to ensure the consistency of the MoUs with EC law: the MoUs explicitly state, that reforms of labour legislation should be implemented in consultation with the social partners and in respect of EC laws The global financial crisis in , turned into a sovereign debt crisis in Europe and into a crisis of confidence threatening the financial stability and integrity of the euro area.

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