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The 13 Best Free Alternatives to Microsoft Visio.5 Best Microsoft Visio Alternatives for Diagramming

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Visio is a Microsoft application for drawing diagrams and visually representing information and data. You can choose from any of the available templates to create diagrams, flow charts, timelines, and other types of visual data representations. You can customize your diagrams and charts with images, text, shapes, and add effects or backgrounds. While Visio is a great tool, it is not free.

While you can view and comment on diagrams for free, there is no way to create them for free; you will have to pay a recurring monthly fee or an expensive one-time fee upfront to use Visio. Today, I will be showing you the 12 best Visio alternatives that are entirely free to use or which offer a free plan as well.

One of the best things about Diagrams. Just visit the web app and start creating diagrams; there is no need to give away your personal information. I found the Diagrams. You can choose between a number of backgrounds, including a blank background, a grid background, and an image background. On the left-hand side of the screen, you will see the elements you can use.

There is a wide range of general elements, advanced elements, flowchart elements, and arrows you can drag and drop into the editing area.

You can resize the elements or add text. When you add text, you can change the font, background color of the text area, size, alignment, and a lot more. In addition to the web app, there is a desktop app you can download to your computer. It offers more privacy and offline access. OpenOffice, including its Draw tool, is open source, unlike Visio. That means you can use it as long as you want, distribute copies, edit the source code, and do whatever you want with the software.

With OpenOffice Draw, you can create diagrams, flowcharts, timelines, and a lot more. There is a wide range of formatting and style options available, and you can manipulate, render, or rearrange objects in your editing screen.

There is a built-in gallery with clip art you can add to your diagrams, but you can also upload your own images or art and add them as well. When exporting your diagrams, they will be saved in an XML-based OpenDocument format, which means you can use them in any application that supports the OpenDocument format. You can also save a flash version of your document. The downside of OpenOffice Draw is that you need to download the software to your computer and use the desktop version; there is no online or web version to speak of.

LibreOffice Draw is another excellent alternative to Microsoft Visio that is entirely free to use. Not only is it free, but it is open source, unlike Visio, meaning you can distribute copies, analyze and edit the source code, and get help from the community of developers. LibreOffice Draw has a number of cool features that make creating diagrams, flow charts, company charts, and other visual representations easy, even if you do not have a lot of experience with graphic design or creating diagrams.

For example, it will automatically calculate linear dimensions so the diagrams you create follow straight lines. In addition, you can create glue points so that when you create future diagrams, the elements you add will automatically be positioned based on those glue points.

A possible downside of LibreOffice is that you have to download the software to your device, as there is no web app. However, it is free to use, and it is one of the best ways to create quick and simple diagrams or flowcharts. You can add boxes, lines, arrows, text, and free-form shapes to the screen. You can move and change the sizes of the boxes or add text inside the boxes. I found it incredibly simple and easy to use. You can copy your drawing or diagram to your clipboard and then paste it into a text editor and save it there.

Lucidchart is a good alternative to Visio that has a totally free plan as well. The plan is forever free, but it does have some limitations more on that later. Using Lucidchart, you can map data flows, create business process maps, and create any other type of diagram or flowchart you need. One of the benefits of Lucidchart is that it uses a cloud-based interface.

That means you can access the editor and create and edit charts and diagrams from any browser or device. You can add up to 60 elements to each document. Even on the free plan, you get access to over templates for your diagrams and flows. These templates allow you to create different diagram types for a variety of purposes, quickly. In addition, the free plan allows for basic collaboration capabilities, including the ability to follow a collaborator on a diagram, share a link to your diagram to anyone, invite collaborators via email, print and publish your diagrams, and a lot more.

In general, Lucidchart involves less of a learning curve than Visio, making it perfect for beginners as well as more advanced users. Related : Best Lucidchart Alternatives. Visual Paradigm Online is a suite of web-based apps you can use to create diagrams, charts, infographics, and more. Unlike Visio, it has an entirely free version.

The free version of the Visual Paradigm Online Diagram Creator is pretty good; it includes diagram templates, so you can create diagrams quickly for any purpose.

In addition to exporting them in those formats, you can also embed your files in Microsoft documents or presentations. One of the things that makes Visual Paradigm Online such a great free alternative to Visio is that it provides a free online cloud repository for your work. You can store the diagrams you or your team members create in the cloud. Diagrams stored in the cloud will update in real time and be synced across devices as changes are made.

You can work with team members on a diagram, leave comments for team members to review, and revise the work your team members have done. The linear alignment tool will ensure all of your diagrams are in a straight line, and you can create diagrams easily using drag and drop. In addition to diagrams, you can create charts, forms, posters, infographics , and a lot more for free. Not only does Visual Paradigm Online offer a free plan, but they make ALL of their features free for educators and educational institutions.

You can join the Academic Partner Program to enjoy free access to the entire Visual Paradigm Online platform if you are using it for educational purposes. It has been around for a long time, and it has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times.

Despite being free, it has very advanced capabilities, so you can use it regardless of whether you are an individual, educator, businessperson, or anyone else who needs to create diagrams. One of the reasons yEd is such a great Visio alternative is that it has a huge selection of icons, elements, clip art, shapes, and other objects you can quickly add to diagrams or flowcharts. Of course, you can also create and upload your own shapes and images. The drag and drop editor makes yEd incredibly easy to use.

You can also import data from Excel and other sources to quickly turn that data into diagrams. There is a wide range of export format options available as well, including HTML, so you can easily export your diagrams for insertion into Microsoft documents, your own website, or other places. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The downside is that there is no online web editor, so you will need to download the software to your desktop to use it.

There are dozens of shapes, arrows, call-outs, and more you can add to your drawing. You can also add a text box and customize the text by changing the font, size, alignment, etc.

You can drag and drop shapes or resize them, and you can do the same for text boxes. You can add text inside shapes, for example. It has the same general layout as Google Docs and includes similar editing options. You can also simply keep it in your online Google account.

All of your drawings will automatically be saved to the cloud for you to access later, from any device, with your Google account. You can make the document available offline as well. If you do that, you will be able to continue editing while offline, and changes made offline will be synced and saved once you get your internet connection back. Google Drawings is also perfect for collaboration. Like all Google documents, you have a multitude of sharing options.

You can get a link to the document by clicking on the blue Share button in the top right corner of the screen. You can then choose to let anyone with the link access the document, or only people you specifically add. Even if you let everyone with the link access the document, you can choose between three levels of access: viewer, editor, and commenter.

In other words, you can let people who have the link view the document only, add comments, or edit it. I will be honest and say that the interface feels a bit outdated. The latest versions work on Windows XP to Windows 8. Despite the somewhat outdated user interface, Dia works. It has a wide selection of shapes, icons, and arrows you can add to create diagrams and charts.

Pencil Project is a free Visio alternative. Unlike Visio, it is open source, and it supports the creation of diagrams. There is a wide selection of shapes and arrows available in Pencil Project. In addition, since the project is open source and community-driven, there are a lot of third-party shape collections on the internet that you can import into Pencil Project and use in your diagrams.

You can check the Pencil Project download archive to find some of these collections. Others can be found in various corners of the internet through a quick Google search. In addition to all that, I liked that Pencil Project has a browser extension for finding clip art from OpenClipart.

Various flowchart shapes are available as well, making creating flowcharts a breeze. Since Pencil Project introduced wire connectors to connect shapes, creating diagrams with PP is easy.

A cool feature of Pencil Project is the inter-page linking feature. You can link from an element to another page in the same document. When you export the document into a web form, those links will automatically be converted into standard HTML links, so you can use them on your website.

Unlike Visio, Graphviz is not only free but open source as well.


20 Best FREE Visio Alternatives Online Software in .The 13 Best Free Alternatives to Microsoft Visio

May 14,  · Here is a curated list of top tools that are capable of replacing Visio. The list contains both open source (free) and commercial (paid) software. Top Pick. Moqups. Moqups is online tool that enables you to make flowchart, and UML diagrams with minimal effort. It allows you to drag and drop shapes to visualize any flow. For that reason, they should consider the following alternatives to Microsoft Visio for creating diagrams, illustrations, flowcharts etc. Note that the list below is in no particular order. Table of Contents [ hide] 1) 2) Lucidchart. 3) Graphviz. 4) Cacoo. 5) eDraw. 6) ASCIIFlow. Mar 29,  · The best free Windows alternative is , which is also Open Source. If that doesn’t suit you, our users have ranked more than alternatives to Microsoft Office Visio and many of them are free and available for Windows so hopefully you can find a suitable replacement. Other interesting free Windows alternatives to Microsoft Office Visio are Dia .


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Organizing things just makes life easier. A place for everything and never let it get out of place. Visio is an industry-standard software for creating flowchartsdiagrams, and schematics of all kinds.

But Microsoft Visio costs a lot for just personal use. There are plenty of options to replace Visio. Yes, even for Android, iOS, and Linux. We saved the best ones for last. Looking for a lightweight, convenient way to diagram simple things? The free version of Coggle is good altdrnative mind-mapping or simple process mapping.

Share unlimited public diagrams, have real-time collaborationupload images, and export to text and Visio formats. You can create diagrams just as detailed as in Visio. Freehand alternativd, 3D diagrams, UML support fref, and a dozen different diagram themes in a free package alternnative just keeps growing in features are a few reasons to love Continuity. The downside? You need to install the free Mono libraries for it to work.

The Apache Foundation microsoft visio 2016 alternative free, best known for its web server, is the current steward of OpenOffice. OpenOffice is dated, but a decent diagramming replacement for Microsoft Visio. Being free helps too. Because it uses the OpenDocument XML-based format for its files, whatever you can create will open in any program that supports the OpenDocument file format.

A highly capable browser-based tool, Cacoo is excellent for collaborating with others while working from home. Cacoo is capable of beautiful charts and diagrams for any use case. The free version allows for fre users, but only 6 sheets at a time. There are team and fred plans too, with more frde. A few years back, LibreOffice microsoft visio 2016 alternative free over as the most popular free office suite.

For good reason, too. Visio files open natively in LibreOffice too. It should be more popular. An old-school free Visio alternative, Microsoft visio 2016 alternative free is capable enough for the home user. Its dated looks hide its versatility.

If you were a technical student in the late 90s, you know Dia. Think of Dia as the portable version of Visio It can run from a USB stickso you can use it anywhere. If you have an email address with the.

Design, engineering, or business больше на страницеGliffy does it all. Its infinite canvas has to be the largest in the business. Remotely collaborate microsoft visio 2016 alternative free your team on all your business and technical diagramming needs.

How is yED free? Make a simple diagram right away or an engineer-level diagram with some learning. You may vree like it more than Ссылка на подробности. You may have heard of draw. Well, diagrams. From wireframing programs to electrical circuits, diagrams. You viio also import. This is the one that gets mentioned most by other tech sites. Maybe even more limited. That may be enough reason to learn to use it as well microskft Visio. Multi-page documents with linking feee pages mean your mockups will flow dynamically too.

Yes, Pencil is also capable of other Visio-like diagrams, but the app developer features really stand out. Guy has been published online and in print newspapers, nominated for writing awards, and cited in scholarly papers due to his ability to speak tech to anyone, but still prefers analog watches.

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The turn of the century saw Microsoft purchase the company Visio, and with it the software of the same name, for approximately 1. Having adapted it to their own concepts, they then proceeded to publish it as part of their Microsoft Office family under the name Microsoft Visio.

Since then, newer versions of the tool have been released regularly, but never as part of the various Office Suites. A quick glance at the scope and price of the program lets you know that the application is primarily designed for professional use in larger companies — something which also explains the relatively small circulation of the program.

It is probable that an available budget is too low to fund the acquisition of this Microsoft software, or perhaps that the program is too complex for the intended purpose. If this is the case, then it is worth noting that cheaper, or indeed, free alternatives are available, and may be a better choice. Here, we compile a list of free Microsoft Visio alternatives and compare them to the Microsoft visualization program. Most Linux distributions contain the installation files for the program within the package management system, or alternatively, can also be found in the GNOME software selection.

There are also versions available for macOS and Windows systems, which can be found in the download section of the official website. In order to make the process as easy as possible, the Microsoft Visio alternative also offers many options and shortcuts, which allow you to select, unselect, copy, and delete several shapes.

This means you can work with a manageable drawing surface, which thanks to the coordination system, also enables the precise positioning of individual elements. Additionally, many other formats are supported for exporting diagrams. These include:.

Furthermore, you can also import graphics and pictures in different formats, like. Created by the German software company yWorks, the yEd Graph Editor is undoubtedly one of the best free Microsoft Visio alternatives on the market. However, it is not published under a free license, meaning the source code cannot be changed. Alongside a large number of geometric nodes and link types, there is also a choice of UML Unified Modeling Language symbols for software-specific class and object diagrams, BPMN B usiness P rocess M odel and N otation symbols for the depiction of business procedures, as well as several flowchart components.

This alternative to Microsoft Visio has different functions, which will help you arrange and annotate the desired components of a diagram. Automatic layout algorithms, helpful guides, and orthogonal connections, all make positioning very simple. Below are some notable features of the yWorks editor:. These are the main format. On top of this, there are also various output formats, like.

Although no longer operating under a free license, the program is still available to use without charge. The source code of the most recent Open Source version of the software is available through the Sourceforge Repository.

The newest version, along with packages in various languages, can be found on FossHub , where Diagram Designer has registered several hundred thousand downloads. Particularly impressive is the choice of flowchart and UML components, as well as the range of technical symbols. The available object templates are widely adaptable, while also being connectable with the help of arrows and lines.

In addition, there are several packages with finished object templates; all of which are available for download from the official website. The program allows you to build comprehensive flow charts, schematically represent work and production processes, or even visualize your design ideas.

Diagram Designer allows you to incorporate external graphics and images to enhance your diagram. As an alternative to Microsoft Visio it supports the formats. The default saving function, however, is the less widely used.

Diagrams can be exported as an image file. Apache OpenOffice previously OpenOffice. Since , the software package has been further developed through the Apache Software Foundation, meaning the most recent versions are valid under the Apache License Version 2. In addition to the official versions for Windows, macOS and Linux, there are also other versions from third-party providers which have enabled use on further platforms, e.

Draw boasts a large range of functions as a free alternative to Microsoft Visio. Primarily the application serves to produce vector graphics from geometric components. Equally, it can also be used to edit pixel graphics, or to generate complex flow and organization charts.

The relationship between various objects can be illustrated with the aid of specialist lines, also known as connectors, as well as glue points. Given that Draw is a set part of the office package, tables diagrams or formulae, which may have been compiled by other components like Calc or Math, can easily be integrated into the software. Likewise, components from Draw can just as easily be implemented into Open Office documents of different types. Some of the most important features of OpenOffice Draw are:.

Alternatively, you can choose the OpenOffice. There are many ways for you to export your work; this particular alternative to Microsoft Visio supports exports in the form of HTML documents, PDF files, or as a flash application. Additionally, it is also possible to publish your newly-generated diagram as an image file. As with all of these Google programs, you must first log in to be able to access the software. Available over a classic Google web frontend , this Microsoft Visio alternative will automatically save your projects in Google Drive — as it does with all docs, tables, or calendar entries.

This means it requires a working internet connection and browser. Google chrome also features a plug-in , which makes it possible to work with the tool in an offline capacity. In addition, there are also four ready-made diagram templates; bar charts, histograms, pie charts, and line graphs. These can be accessed with one single click, and can also correlate data from Google Spreadsheets. Tables can be easily incorporated into your diagrams or flowcharts. Once the required amount of lines and columns has been specified, the drag-and-drop function makes it easy to transfer the table to the desired position.

Other features offered by this online alternative to Microsoft Visio include:. Presenting and showcasing your work on Google Drawings is simple.

Personalized invitation links can be sent via e-mail or can be shared on social media. In this regard, it is also possible to outline and define the rights of access to your project, allowing you to share the work with others and get them involved with the task.

Furthermore, this completely free alternative to Microsoft Visio gives you the option of creating a downloadable version of your project, in the formats. Flowcharts and diagrams in these formats can also be uploaded to Google Drive and subsequently edited in Google Drawings.

Any discussion on the best alternatives to Microsoft Visio has to include Draw. Sharing many similarities with its Google counterpart, this web application is based on the free JavaScript library mxGraph.

The application is supported on desktop, tablet, or smartphone, with the complete source code available to view on GitHub. As a fully client-side software, Draw. Regarding the saving of their documents, Draw. Diagrams can be saved using the online cloud services Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox, regardless of which device you are using. But saving locally onto a hard drive is only possible on the desktop version.

To get you started quickly, this Microsoft Visio alternative offers numerous useful diagram templates from some of the following areas:. When it comes to actually designing diagrams, the program offers everything from basic geometric shapes to specialist UML , entity relation or BPMN Business Process Model and Notation diagrams — all of which can be added to the drawing surface with just the click of a button. The underlying grid and usefully embedded guidelines ensure truly effortless placement and positioning, while features like keyboard shortcuts, a project overview window, and the ability to create levels combine to ensure maximum user-friendliness.

As is to be expected from any alternative to Microsoft Visio, Draw. However, there is also the choice of formats like. The web application , which was released in and is written in a variety of coding languages including Java, Ruby, PHP and JavaScript, can be accessed directly through the official website.

The latter three grant access to additional features like presentation mode, or extended storage space, and also removes the limits on documents and chart scope that exist in the free version. Lucidchart provides around ready-to-use templates for creating and designing high-quality diagrams.

The software covers categories like education, mind-maps, companies, floor plans or entity relationships ER. You also have the option to save finished projects to their servers, or download them directly to your device in the following formats :. In addition to the download option, Lucidchart offers the option of sharing created diagrams with others. For example, documents can be published on social networks , embedded in any website through iFrame or forwarded through a link.

More than half a million users in more than countries use the software, which is available as both a desktop and web app to create custom diagrams, either individually or as part of a team.

However, the free version has limited function, with the entire range of Creately functions being reserved for users with an active monthly subscription or those who purchase the desktop program. If you can work well with 5 documents, a single project folder and access for up to three people, then the free version could be a good free alternative to Microsoft Visio. Creately shines with a huge selection of chart and flowchart templates. Around 1, professionally designed templates and millions of sample projects from the community are available to you — whether as a basis for or a source of inspiration — at any time, including the following categories:.

During the editing process, the software saves all your actions in real time on their servers, so your progress is not lost, even when the Internet connection is interrupted. If you want to use Creately as a free alternative to Microsoft Visio, your projects will be automatically publicly available — but only paying customers have the option to create private documents and share these only with who they want.

There is a similar limitation when exporting completed diagrams and flowcharts: While PNG or JPEG formats are available in the free basic version, premium users with SVG export have a third option for high resolution graphics. The Vietnamese software company Evolus are launched Pencil Project in , a visualization project based on the Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Thanks to this format, the GPL-licensed Microsoft Visio alternative has long been installed and used as a simple Firefox extension. However, this is no longer the case with newer versions, which are now based on the open source framework Electron formerly Atom Shell. The developer is still providing cross-platform editions for macOS, Windows or Linux Ubuntu, Fedora that can be downloaded free of charge through the official Pencil Projects website.

Pencil Project gives you access to various graphical elements, which can easily be moved with drag-and-drop so that the diagram, prototype or idea flow chart can be created as quickly as possible. You can also search for high-quality clipart graphics through an integrated OpenClipart.

The alternative to Visio uses the in-house. In addition, your project can be exported in the following formats:. A special Pencil Project feature is being able to link items to a specific page in the same document. HTML export automatically converts these links to HTML hyperlinks, which allows them to be tested and presented in the live environment. This feature is particularly useful when you design website or app prototypes.

Traditional email is still a big part of online communication for private and for business use, with many users typically opting for Outlook as their email client.

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