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Errors in the repair node are in an error folder. Heal Errors fixes errors in the selected bodies using the Allowable Change tolerance value. Use the surface tools to repair data not fixed by the Heal Errors command. Some of the errors occur during translation, or are the result of loose modeling techniques. Knowledge Network. To translate this article, select a language. View Original Translate. English Original X.

View Original X. Products and versions covered Inventor Products. The Construction Environment: Does not participate in model history. Participate in modeling operations only if objects are copied to the part environment. Note: The construction environment is disabled by default. Consider using the repair environment to evaluate and repair geometry. To enable the construction environment, go to the Part tab in the Application Options dialog.



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Look Good, Feel Good & Do Good in 30 Days Jasmin Singer, VegNews Magazine look no further than Lunchables inventor Richard “Rody” Hawkins who, in Solution: · Click Start menu > Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall/Change. · In the Uninstall or change a program, select the product name, then. Inventor is a 3D CAD modeling software for product and mechanical designers. Learn about Inventor modeling, design, simulation, and rendering features.


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Download free trial. See pricing options. Key features. More features Product design. Design automation. Connected data. Simulation and visualization. System requirements. Key features of Inventor. Parametric modeling. Focus on design as you create and edit your 3D models with an intuitive user interface. Assembly modeling. See how your design will fit and perform at the assembly level.

Drawing creation. Quickly create clear, accurate, detailed drawings for manufacturing. Shared view collaboration. Collaborate with key stakeholders on your designs from any device.

Work with non-native data. Directly open designs created from other CAD systems with no translation necessary. BIM interoperability. Read and author Revit data as you participate in BIM projects. Design configurations. Speed your 3D modeling process by rapidly creating new configurations of your designs. Automated frame design. Quickly create and simulate 3D models of your weld frame designs. Sheet metal. Design and prepare complex sheet metal products for manufacturing. Model-based definition.

Include manufacturing information in your 3D model for downstream applications. Content center. Choose your standard components from a comprehensive customizable library.

Shape Generator. Create and evaluate high-performing design options in minutes. New features of Inventor Fusion interoperability. Revit data exchange enhancements. Part modeling enhancements. Assembly modeling enhancements. Documentation enhancements. More features of Inventor. Product design.

Flexible modeling. Use the right modeling tool for every job with parametric, freeform, and direct modeling tools.

Direct modeling. Freeform modeling. Freely sculpt the shape of your design by moving points, edges, and faces. Mechanical concept and layout design. Component generators and calculators. Tube and pipe design. Printed circuit board interoperability. Data management. Dynamic simulation. Apply forces to evaluate the motion, speed, and acceleration of your design. Multi-body rules can be applied to bodies in the browser, or while creating new bodies within the Face, Contour Flange, Contour Roll, and Lofted Flange dialog.

For details, see: Sheet Metal Updates. All documents benefit to some degree, but the most noticeable improvements are seen when working with large assemblies and large assembly drawings. For example:. For details, see: Productivity and Performance Enhancements. For details, see: Drawing Open Enhancements. Inventor delivers new capabilities for mechanical engineers who work with a variety of design data. Surface data can be combined with your other 3D data in the Presentation environment for animations, exploded views, and documentation.

In addition to outside data, Inventor helps you work with other Autodesk file formats. BIM Content workflows allow for direct publishing of Revit. DWG Underlay has been improved to streamline workflows when integrating your 2D data inside of 3D designs.

With the release of Inventor Support for displaying and documenting mesh objects is added to drawing views. Mesh objects participate in all view types and can be dimensioned and annotated. For details, see Drawing support for Mesh Objects. Shrinkwrap tools have been enhanced for more control, improved user interface, and an improved workflow. You can leverage View and LOD representations to quickly define lightweight models.

BIM Content has been enhanced for simplification, authoring, and publish workflows. Inventor lets you publish directly to IFC and Revit. With Inventor This means you can now work with others who are on versions of Inventor that are earlier or later than the version you are working in.

To help you identify the version of an Inventor file, the Open dialog now displays Inventor version a file was last saved in. Starting with Inventor For example, with Inventor Inventor continues to enhance your core AnyCAD workflows by more robust support of new features you add to non-native Inventor files.

After the source file is updated, your Inventor based features will be preserved. The Presentation environment in Inventor now allows for support of surface data. Your surface files can be included in:. You can also create a new Presentation file directly from the browser of an open assembly. For details, see: Presentation Enhancements.

Inventor continues to focus on customer Inventor Ideas requests, feedback and giving you a delightful experience inside of Inventor. Customer-driven enhancements throughout Inventor improve core workflows and model interaction. Commands like Chamfer, Assembly Interference Analysis, Extrude and Hole have added options based on your direct feedback.

In addition, both the Browser and Measure have been refreshed to deliver a more feature rich experience for all Inventor users. The Inventor measure tools and workflows have been greatly simplified and improved to enhance productivity. You can now:. For details, see Measure Enhancements.

For details, see Browser Enhancements. For details, see Assembly Open Enhancements. The Parameter dialog box is enhanced to include a Consumed by column and By Features filter. For details see, Productivity and Performance Enhancements. Professional-Grade Design Engineers constantly need to drive innovation in their design work for better products and more efficient processes.

Tip: The Sheet Metal 3 v2 guided tutorial includes the new unique thickness workflow. After selecting an assembly document to place in a drawing, if the preview can display in under 3 seconds it will do so. If it takes longer a Preview progress dialog box displays.

The dialog box is the only element you can interact with during its display. From the Open dialog box you can: Defer drawings Turn off model preview.

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