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With hundreds of islands to explore in the Greek isles and enemy ships to defeat, the game lets you sail the beautiful, turquoise waters of Naxos, as well as participate in thrilling naval battles. The only thing it’s missing is famous sea monsters to really amplify the experience. Inspired by Norse mythology , Iron Gate Studio’s Valheim is a top-notch, challenging survival game where you play as a Viking who’s recently died in battle. The objective of the game is for you to prove that you’re deserving of entering Valhalla as a glorious, battle-hardened warrior.

Build a house and your very own ship, and travel to other biomes to defeat its resident monsters. Navigate the waters of the ocean biome on your Viking longboat and slay fearsome sea serpents as you demonstrate your battle prowess to Odin. You’re in for a memorable afterlife as you sail the monster-ridden waters of Valheim. This iteration of sailing simulator games gives you the ability to steer a variety of ships around the open ocean, as well as how to dock it properly.

From Titanic-sized cruise liners to your private one-man yacht, keeping your vessel seaworthy and floating is a real challenge in this game. With obstacles like icebergs or tempestuous weather, you also have to contend with not trying to smash into other ships. Ship Handling Simulator is definitely as tough and tricky as other simulator games out there.

Experience the rough and tumble life of a pirate in Mastfire’s Blackwake, a first-person multiplayer game focused on bombastic ship battles and just being the most intimidating pirate imaginable. Scour the open seas on your pirate ship for enemy vessels to attack and loot from.

Natural disasters and rainstorms are a given for the seafaring pirate, along with ship maintenance. Establishing dominance over the seas with your trusty pirate crew as you voyage past volcanic islands and brave Mother Nature.

Windward is an action-filled naval sandbox game that puts you at the helm of the ship as you sail within the high seas of the procedurally generated world. Whether you want to use a swift schooner to explore the oceans or a heavy galleon to challenge multiple enemy ships at once, it is up to you to decide. Naval Action is a game that focuses on realism. It allows you to truly experience sailing when sailing ships ruled the high seas. With an enormous open world, utmost realism, you can build ships, trade, and engage in naval combat with enemy ships.

While Naval Action focuses on historical sailing ships, Sailaway focuses on modern sailboats. Sailaway brings the modern sailing experience to your computer screen. If you want a true digital sailboat experience, then Sailaway is the answer. Sailaway — The Sailing Simulator. Apr 13, By Sathish Kumar. I like to ride a free mode.

With jet ski. So make this is free mode. I love jet ski games. Is was beautiful it’s turn drive skills take people’s driving on sea. Was beautiful. Always made with unity games is awesome.

They create super some times hate to play. Some times easy. If you make free mode. I will give 5star. May 12, By puttee rajah.

I like this game but something went wrong with the screen was glitch and i cannot play. No reviews available See All Community Reviews. No reviews available See All Expert Reviews. May 19, By Nakshatra Saxena. Very realistic and high graphics Jun 16, By Lucy Tabi. Very interesting game to play it keeps me unbored. Sep 21, By Dhaval. Needs to sustain Or repair graphic glitches and bugs please viewability of the sky and water Appearance..

Jul 17, I feel very comfortable while playing this game. Because their graphic are smooth and fine thank you for the who designed this gmae. Feb 25, By Oluwafemi Adetoro. It was interesting,I like this game on the other hand to look and play it with full focus,plz do another one as update so we can play it also. No reviews available See all 2 reviews. Similar to Speed Boat Racing: Boat games. Top apps for Role Playing Games.

Dec 15, By Terence Ingram. I am enjoying this game a lot, its a unique drag boat racing game unlike most other racing games on the play store. This is such a good game that I never notice the time passed when I am playing, what I love about this game is it allows you to customize everything from your boat, boat parts, engine etc. Also it is very realistic because there’s weather and wind direction which affects the race.

Great game and a must try. Dec 14, By Justin Mark Palomo. I love this game, I’ve been enjoying it ever since I installed it and it is a very unique drag boat racing game. What I love the most about this racing game is you can customize almost everythinf from your loadouts, engine, parts and a lot more.

Overall experience with this game is excellent and it is very recommended. The best boat racing I’ve ever played. Good graphics and very easy to control. The boat designs are very realistic.

Keep making a new design of boat. I will recommend this game to everyone who love racing. By Abdou Robust. By Donovon Niece. Somethimgnive been looking for on this platform for a while now. But I’ve had a boat taken away during the update and can’t get it back. So I had to restart! So it being such a good game I started back over. Thani would enjoy seeing an update that would bring missing boats back and maybe b more lenient on prices of parts.

Not everyone that enjoys gaming has money to spend to win a game. But n honesty this is my favorite game at this time. Plz fix the bugs Dec 6, By Zach Young. First it would no longer let me progress as the game would freeze after finishing a championship and would never count that i beat it. Now after this last update my boat is gone and it tells me i need to buy one.

EDIT i wanted to update my review after finding their facebook page i learned that my problem was a common issue and all seems to be fixed now. Dec 3, By Chad Pollack. Love the game i grow up water skiing in the bridge to bridge and my pop dragged boats and this game is so much like the real thing brings back so many memories. Iv only been plany for about 6 hrs and iv got 2 fully worked hydro’s so i dont know why people a winging.

Pull ya head in people its a great game and only going to get better. Only one thing developers have you thought about circuit racing with tunnel boats and things more.

Dec 9, By Sabanur Ahmed Mouri. Awesome game and concept.. Graphics look great though for a mobile game! Understand it’s still brand new but hope to see bet Dec 2, By Brian Golliday. I think game has alot of potential. Is fun but pay out sucks. You might win a race in qualifying but that’s it. Take forever to build up cash and also no feature in settings to turn off music or sounds.

Understand it’s still brand new but hope to see better updates like not only able to buy sp coins but also game cash. By Cory Timm. And I’m not even done with the first boats. Too far of a money grab for me more. Nov 21, By Charles Burleigh.

Controls suck. This game looked amazing but the controls don’t make any sense and even at the first race ur completely out matched and the other racer literally leaves before the green lite and you lose. Not to mention steering the boat is awful. To bad really seemed cool. Jan 6, By Tony Bowman. Too many thing wrong with it to list.

I kept the game until i kept losing my boats getting them back and losing them and getting them back and nothing changes deleted it. I kept having my Tunes go back to default.

Lose races I clearly won. The game just needs a lot of work. Dec 16, By Michael bouchie. I belive this game would be worth downloading as soon as the developers iron out the issues.

Developers seem to be on top of this game. New patch make it hard to even maintain your boat. Not enough cash per race. Losts of potential. Tried the new update v1. By Brad A. Edit: Second time game deleted my boat without warning. Decent game, has some weird quirks. Tends to have issues operating that cause the player to get disqualified or not win even though they actually won. Update: Boat disappeared and had to restart game to be able to afford another.

No reviews available See all 4 reviews. Dec 8, By Zachary Scott. This game is absolutely horrible. Rewards for winning aren’t big enough, not that it matter because I always make it to the final race just to get DQed for going over race time even though I make a clean pass.

I have no confidence in the developers to fix anything because they hardly ever fix anything on their fishing game thats been out for years. They’re just greedy as all get out and don’t care about their players. Jan 17, By Anonymous mate. Ok when you start, but then as you upgrade, it never helps, the boats suddenly can cheat and go before the laser is gone, and then win. Please fix this, it is quite unfair, and not a game good enough to equal ucaptain, which is a lot better. Not one of your best, please try again.

Expert Don’t get wet! Stunning graphics make you feel every drop as you speed race across the water Drive your favorite beast! Explore 25 powerful boats across 6 fantastic classes Race the big waters! Jan 4, By Vida Obobi. This game is more than good so I want to try and make it special to people to play this game because it feels better and special so that we can all be happy when playing in this game. Mar 22, I like the game because your ride can be fully upgraded.

The only thing I think totally does not make any sense is that you have a manual transmission. This is not at all realistic in water craft racing. Oct 12, This is awesome game ,my brother love this game he dnt wonna left this game for a time i think he is addicted to this game very much.. Sep 25, Love it easy to play lots of grades dont need cash can go back and wi easier races to get cash to upgrade go have fun hope they make another like this.

Oct 24, Fun game to play if you like racing. Many upgrades available. Apr 25, By Paul Rizzo. No contact for support through the app. Depending on future updates, might end up uninstalling Mar 15, Mar 3, Jun 9, By Thomas Savoie.

Pretty fun kills a lot of time boats are awesome. May 9, By Tommy Sandoval. Dumb AI game. You don’t even control the direction of the boat. Should not even be considered a racing game. Would not recommend this game at all! By Percilla Harper. There is bug I hate this game it froze my tablet could not go home could not turn it off my aunty had to put it by a fan for it to work.

Mar 4, By Tik Tech Tok. Jun 26, Nov 2, Best ever boat racing game in the market. Nov 22, This game is really fun and it has good graphics. Dec 20, Feb 22, By Alexander Hernandez. Just getting the hang of the app very easy. Sep 24, By Richa Gupta. I like racing so much. Here is boat racing and very interested. Mar 28, By Steve Lewis. Out of all the boat drag racing games I’ve played, this one is the best.



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