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3D Movie Maker is a children’s computer program developed by Microsoft Home’s Microsoft Kids subsidiary released in Using the program, users can make films by placing 3D characters and props into pre-rendered environments, as well as adding. The Windows 3D Movie Maker app launched by Microsoft in was designed to help users equip themselves with the basics of 3D animation.

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Software and game preservation is an increasingly important topic, and the best way to keep software accessible for future generations is by releasing the original source code. The application allows anyone to create movies by placing 3D characters and objects into pre-rendered environments, paired with actions, music, text, and other effects.

Real Monsters. The low resolution lends itself to surreal or ironic videos quite well, and there are plenty of examples on sites like YouTube and 3dmm.

Play Video. So, why did Microsoft wait this long to release the source code? Microsoft 3D Movie Maker has a cultural importance in its own right, but it also uses BRender, a graphics engine developed by Argonaut Software that was also used in games like FX Fighter and Carmageddon.

Foone brought up that if BRender code was included, it could lead to other games and applications becoming open-source too or at least easier to port to newer platforms.

Thanks to foone for the idea! However, BRender is included in the code, making that framework publicly available for the first time. So that opens them up to the possibility of open sourcing then as well. Via: Ars Technica. I gave it a spin. The cut scenes, the dark, awkward interface. It makes me crave for the original Microsoft Movie Makers that were good at cutting and manipulating video you had. But to make a 3D movie of your own, this tool is quite sophisticated given the era in which it was created.

He also records a weekly book podcast called Overdue. Email andrew. Using the program, users can make films by placing 3D characters and props into pre-rendered environments, as well as adding actions, sound effects, music, text, speech and special effects.

Movies are then saved in the. The program features two helper characters to guide users through the various features of the program: The character McZee voiced by Michael Shapiro , shared from other Microsoft Kids products like Creative Writer , provides help throughout the studio while his assistant Melanie provides other various tutorials.

Developed in accordance with Microsoft’s broader ambitions towards multimedia software in conjunction with the release of its then-new Windows 95 home computer operating system, 3D Movie Maker is built on BRender , a software rasterized 3D graphics engine created by Argonaut Software. The models and backgrounds were made by Illumin8 Digital Pictures a now-defunct graphics studio using Softimage modeling software, while the cinematic introduction and help sequences were made by Productions Jarnigoine, a now-inactive production company founded by Jean-Jacques Tremblay.

In , a user named Space Goat created the website 3dmm. Following the open-sourcing of the licensed BRender engine prior in similar fashion, [1] [2] Microsoft released the source code of the program under the MIT License in May , [3] [4] following a request by the Twitter user Foone a month earlier. Filmmaking in 3D Movie Maker is a straightforward process, allowing users to create various kinds of movies with ease. Twelve different scenes are available to the user, each containing several different static camera angles.

While the actors and props are rendered as polygonal meshes with affine texture mapping and basic shading, the scene backgrounds instead are pre-rendered images with an associated depth buffer that is compared against the runtime-rendered meshes so that aspects of the scene at hand can appear to occlude the meshes once a character or prop is placed behind a static object from the background.

May 4, View code. Make sure this repo is checked out to a folder with a short name, ideally right on the root of a drive i. From the root of this repo, run setvars. Contributing The source files in this repo are for historical reference and will be kept static, and this repository will be archived.

Code cleanup This code was restored from the Microsoft corporate archives and cleared for release. Developer names and aliases were removed, with the exception of current employees who worked on the original release who consented to keeping their names in place The archive consisted of several CDs, some of which were for alternate builds or products, and have been excluded The code does not build with today’s engineering tools, and is released as-is.

Trademarks This project may contain trademarks or logos for projects, products, or services. And then document it. The way most things were built at the time.


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Start11 on Steam. Contributing The source files in this repo are for historical reference and will be kept static, and this repository will be archived. Thanks to Mac Sample for their work movoe getting this far!

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